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86-88 Durham St, Bathurst

199 Main St, Lithgow

The best bicycling experience

After 16 years on the UCI World Tour and 10 Tour de Frances, Bathurst’s Mark Renshaw has returned to where his incredible career began, with a new mission.
Renshaw’s Pedal Project is about getting more people riding bikes in the central west. From shop rides to skill sessions and live Q&As with professional athletes, the Pedal Project is more than just a store. It’s a home for bike riders of all skill levels and disciplines.
Our project is to bring the community together, building pelotons of passionate cyclists.

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Cervelo Dune GRX | Renshaw's Pedal Project - Bike Shop, Hire & Repairs - Bathurst, NSW

Bike service
& repair

01. Tune-ups & builds

We have all the necessary parts to create a bike that fits you perfectly

02. Personal bike fit

Adjusment of height, pedals, handlebar for the most comfortable ride

03. Adjust & install

Need a bike repair? We offer a range of spare parts and quality service

04. Bicycle Makeover

Wash and clean the complete works including drive chain and wheels.

Our Bikes

Some of our bestsellers:

The Pedal Project

Come and join the Pedal Project! Our shop rides cater for cyclists, mountain bikers and families of all ages and abilities.

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